Before I say anything else, I just want to say thank you – for reading, appreciating, sharing, and especially supporting, the WMA-GOP Patriots during what has been our most challenging year ever.

And that's because, as you know, there's a war going on out there. Right here in America, which is currently in the throes of what you could accurately describe as an attempted Coup.

To put it in the plainest English, the Democratic Party has gone completely and dangerously insane.

Its presidential hopefuls advocate wildly destructive policies, such as throwing our borders wide open while dismantling border law enforcement, and then offering everyone in the world free cradle-to-grave healthcare and other free stuff if they can just get here and vote Democrat.

Policies like this are not merely deranged and suicidal – they're also literally impossible. Yet there they are, the Democratic presidential candidates daily spouting such demented fantasies as defy the imagination – all designed, naturally, to buy off every possible voting group.

And the absurdly misnamed "mainstream media" pretend these candidates are advocating some brilliant, forward-looking policies, rather than the droolingly insane fantasies they truly are.

Meanwhile, in the midst of President Donald Trump's vibrant economy, his serious rethinking of the Deep State's endless-war foreign policy, and the lowest unemployment rates in recorded history, the Democrats are intent on impeaching him over a phone call.

Think of it: They want to reverse the 2016 election results and remove the democratically elected president just a few months before the next election. Why? That's easy: They're afraid that whichever lying, lunatic candidate they ultimately select will lose to Trump.Anyway, here I come asking for your help.So let me say something about that.

Yes it's true, we're branded "hateful extremists" by their "arbiter of goodness and decency," by the corrupt, reckless and far-left Democrats.

This is a time for action – for all of us. Join the WMA-GOP PATRIOTS PAC with Membership.

The Deep State, the mad-stream media and the lunatic left aren't holding back; they're stepping up their game. We need to do the same. I pray you will be inspired to join with us.

Click HERE for Membership Opportunity.

About WMA GOP Patriots PAC: Formed November 23, 2020.





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