Boston Broadside Newspaper (N-001)

About The Boston Broadside

The Boston Broadside is the only, non-liberal, mass-distributed newspaper in New England.



"There are plenty of extremist socialist publications and media outlets in Massachusetts for your radical materials,this is not one of them. "

We call The Boston Broadside a common-sense newspaper which seeks to let the other side be heard: the voices of those who the typical extremist liberal Media ignores. In short, there are many extremist liberal media outlets in Mass., Maine, and New Hampshire (and beyond). This isn’t one of them.

The Boston newspaper market is full of articles praising liberal extremist Democrats, illegal immigration, and bashing President Trump for leaving the toilet seat up or stepping on a crack in the sidewalk (or so it seems). In contrast, The Boston Broadside aims to point the cannons of liberty (FREE SPEECH) at those who would deny us of our basic founding freedoms. Our goal is to give a voice to the voiceless, and shine light into dark corners of government, relentlessly.

While we’ll spread ink on stories about political hacks…

…we will also showcase heroes in our midst – courageous individuals who valiantly refuse to be silenced, who continue to fight for liberty, for their families, for our children, our future, our nation.

Proudly brought to you by the First Amendment…

Lonnie Brennan

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